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SugarBlock Twin Pack

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  • Brand: SugarBlock
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SUGARBLOCK® is a chewable dietary supplement that can help support healthy blood glucose levels and is shown in a clinical study to reduce the post-meal sugar spikes associated with eating high glycemic index foods like white rice, and can be taken when eating any carbohydrate foods.

Why SugarBlock

  • Convenient Chewable Tablets
  • No pills to swallow!
  • Reduce Sugar Spikes and Crashes
  • No  Caffeine & Sugar Free
  • Can Support Healthy Sugar Levels
  • Doctor Recommended*
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Patented Technology

How it works?

What happens when we consume food containing carbohydrates (sugars) and how SugarBlock® helps:

During digestion, enzymes breakdown the carbohydrates into smaller components.One of these components is glucose, which the body needs, but too much glucose (sugar) in the blood stream can be unhealthy, especially for diabetics.

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